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British Railway Steam Locomotive

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Note: To Obtain Consistency in the Steam System, Shed Codes used are those Registered at Nationalisation on 1st January 1948
2nd Grouping Number
1st Grouping Numberlms 98
2nd Pre Grouping Number
1st Pre Grouping Number
Works/Lot Number
Class Code3P-B
BuilderDerby Works (MR/LMS/British Railways)
1948 Shed14B Kentish Town
Last Shed 7A Llandudno Junction
Disposal detailsCrewe Works (B.R.)
DisposalCut Up
Disposal Date05/02/1963

Class Information

Introduced 1935. Stainier development of Fowler design with taper boiler.
(a) Rebuilt from 1941 with larger diameter boiler.

Loco 71 tons 5 cwt Driving Wheel: 5' 3"
72 tons 10 cwt (a) Boil Press: 200lb/sq in Su
Cylinders: Valve Gear: Walschaerts (piston valves)
Two 17?" x 26" (outside) TE: 21,485 lb


LMS/BR Stanier 3P 2-6-2 Tank No. 40098 at Chester Shed April 1962
Date Photo Taken: 29/04/1962
Date Uploaded 11/08/2017
Image Owner/Copyright: William Taylor
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LMS/BR Stanier 3P 2-6-2 Tank No. 40098 in store at Chester Shed on 29th April 1962 with a sack over its chimney. The loco was built at Derby Works on 29th May 1935 and initially allocated to Kentish Town Shed. It was withdrwan on 17th November 1962 from Llandudno Junction shed and cut up at Crewe Works on 5th February 1963

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