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British Railway Steam Locomotive

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Note: To Obtain Consistency in the Steam System, Shed Codes used are those Registered at Nationalisation on 1st January 1948
2nd Grouping Number
1st Grouping Number lsw 22
2nd Pre Grouping Number
1st Pre Grouping Number
Works/Lot Number
Class CodeM7
BuilderNine Elms (LSWR)
1948 Shed70C Guildford
Last Shed71D Fratton
Disposal detailsEastleigh Works (B.R.)
DisposalCut Up
Disposal Date31/08/1958

Class Information

Introduced 1897. Drummond LSWR design with short front overhang and lever reverse.
(a) Introduced 1903. Modified Drummond design with increased front overhang, steam reverser and detail alterations. Originally classified X14 but subsequently included in M7 Class.
(b) Fitted with push-pull control apparatus from 1925.

Loco 60 tons 4 cwt Driving Wheel: 5' 7"
60 tons 3 cwt (a) Boil Press: 175lb/sq in NS
62 tons 0 cwt (b)
Cylinders: Valve Gear: Stephenson (slide valves)
Two 18?" x 26" (inside) TE: 19,755 lb

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