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British Railway Steam Locomotive

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Note: To Obtain Consistency in the Steam System, Shed Codes used are those Registered at Nationalisation on 1st January 1948
Number 7925
2nd Grouping Number
1st Grouping Number
2nd Pre Grouping Number
1st Pre Grouping Number
Works/Lot Number
NameWestol Hall
Class Code6959
BuilderSwindon Works (GWR/British Railways)
1948 Shed83G Penzance
Last Shed81F Oxford (GWR)
Disposal detailsCashmores, Newport.
DisposalCut Up
Disposal Date31/03/1966

Class Information

Introduced 1944. Hawksworth "Modified Hall" development of "Hall" Class with larger superheater, one piece main frames and plate-framed bogie.

Loco 75 tons 16 cwt Driving Wheel: 6' 0"
Tend 46 tons 14 cwt Boil Press: 225lb/sq in Su
Cylinders: Valve Gear: Stephenson (piston valves)
Two 18?" x 30" (outside) TE: 27,275 lb


BR/GWR Hawkesworth 4-6-0 Class 6959 Modified Hall No. 7925 at Oxley Shed 1965
Date Photo Taken: 25/08/1965
Date Uploaded 10/07/2014
Image Owner/Copyright: Howie Milburn
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BR/GWR Hawkesworth 4-6-0 Class 6959 Modified Hall No. 7925 'Westol Hall' at Wolverhampton Oxley shed on 28th August 1965. Built at Swindon Works in October 1950, it was withdrawn from 81F Oxford shed in December 1965 and cut up by Cashmores, Newport in March 1966.

The Great Western Railway 6959 Class or Modified Hall Class was a class of 4-6-0 steam locomotive. They were a development by Frederick Hawksworth of Charles Collett's earlier Hall Class.

The Modified Halls marked the most radical change to Swindon Works' practice since Churchward's time as chief mechanical engineer. Hawksworth's use of plate frames throughout the design was a break with Churchward's practice for 2 Cylinder locomotives. The cylinders were cast separately from the smokebox saddle and bolted to the frames on each side. A stiffening brace was inserted between the frames and extended to form the smokebox saddle. The exhaust pipes leading from the cylinders to the blastpipe were incorporated into this assembly.

Six Modified Halls are preserved on various heritage railways. A seventh survivor No. 7927 'Willington Hall' is being used as a donor for the Grange and County re-creation projects.

A trainspotter wearing a coat and 'Carlisle United' football supporters cap poses for a photo in the locos cab. This photo was taken while visiting Wolverhampton for the Wolverhampton Wanderers v Carlisle United match; Carlisle United lost 3-1.

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