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British Railway Steam Locomotive

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Note: To Obtain Consistency in the Steam System, Shed Codes used are those Registered at Nationalisation on 1st January 1948
Number76065 a
2nd Grouping Number
1st Grouping Number
2nd Pre Grouping Number
1st Pre Grouping Number
Works/Lot Number
Class CodeBR4/2
BuilderDoncaster Works (GNR/LNER/British Railways)
1948 Shed71A Eastleigh
Last Shed71A Eastleigh
Disposal detailsCohens, Morriston, Swansea
DisposalCut Up
Disposal Date30/06/1966

Class Information

Introduced 1953. Designed at Doncaster. 4MT

Loco 59 tons 2 cwt Driving Wheel: 5' 3"
Tend 50 tons 5 cwt BR1B 4,725 gallons, 7 tons coal (a)
42 tons 3 cwt BR2 3,500 gallons, 6 tons coal
42 tons 3 cwt BR2A 3,500 gallons, 6 tons coal (b)
Boil Press: 225lb/sq in Su
Cylinders: Valve Gear: Walschaerts (piston valves)
Two 17?" x 26" (outside) TE: 24,170 lb

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