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The Cirencester Branch - Kemble to Cirecester Town

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The Cirencester Branch Line was a five mile long single track branch railway line that ran from Kemble railway station on the Great Western Golden Valley Line to Cirencester Town via two intermediate stations, Park Leaze Halt, and Chesterton Lane Halt and contained the highest rail crossing point on the River Thames.

The branch line to Cirencester had opened on 31 May 1841 to provide a link via Kemble to the Great Western Railway network at Swindon. Cirencester got a second station when the Midland and South Western Junction Railway opened a station at Watermoor in 1883. The line's terminal, Cirencester station was renamed Cirencester Town in July 1924. No intermediate stations were provided east of the junction at Kemble until the introduction of Diesel railbuses on the line in February 1959, when the small station of Chesterton Lane Halt was opened in 1959. A second small station, Park Leaze Halt, was opened less than a year later on 4 January 1960.

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