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Class A1 60124 Kenilworth at Darlington Shed 1965 Hughes Crab 2-6-0 42737 at Ayr Shed 1965 King Class 6024 at Barry Scrapyard Brush Type 4 D1579 and Schoolboy at Darlington Station 1965 Urie/Maunsell Class S15 30841 at Barry Scrapyard BRCW Type 2 D5379 at Thornaby Shed 1965 BR Type 2 D5081 at Carlisle Station 1965 Bulleid Class West Country 34010 at Barry Scrapyard

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Trainspotting Photo Album Updated

  • Trainspotting in the 1950s and 1960s and what we Used to Wear
    The National Railway Museum are researching the trainspotting hobby which will be the focus of a season at the museum from September 2014 March 2015. In conjunction with this, RailUK has also updated its album to include more 'trainspotter' photos. The article gives an insight into how trainspotting became a national pastime for most boys in the 1950s and 1960s and enhances this with a series of photographs of trainspotters covering the period 1946-1968 which shows the changes in fashion in what 'spotters' wore in that period. In fact, this is actually an interesting insight into the change in fashions in general. Let's face it, the late 50s/early 60s was a drab time. Most of life was lived in shades of black, grey, beige & brown although things were starting to change and did so quite dramatically over the next couple of years........

Random Photo

Southern Railway Class 0458 Southampton Docks 0-4-0 Saddle Tank

Southern Railway Class 0458 Southampton Docks 0-4-0 Saddle Tank - ID 707

Southern Railway Class 0458 Southampton Docks 0-4-0 Saddle Tank No. 30458 Ironside in British Railway's black unlined livery.........

The Barry Scrapyard Album

Woodham Brothers and Barry scrapyard photo album
In the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s and 80s, one of the most popular tourist attractions in south Wales was, not the golden beaches or rugged mountains of the country, but a pile of slowly mouldering railway locomotives that sat silently in their scrap yard, dominating the route from Barry to nearby Barry Island. The locomotives were old steam engines, nearly 300 of them in all, that were no longer required by British Rail and had been bought by Barry scrap merchant Dai Woodham. He had initially purchased them with a view to breaking them up and then selling on the valuable steel and other materials. History records other uses for these newly redundant steam locomotives. However, the wiping away of the steam railway fleet by British Rail soon created a new phenomenon: the railway preservation enthusiast. In all, 213 steam engines from Woodham's Barry yard were rescued from scrapping and many were restored. Not all of them are running but many are. The album shows these locos in chronological order eventually starting in 1964 throught to 1966; 1966 is currently in the album.

Trainspotter? Still Collect Numbers?

Rail UK has the perfect solution for you with it's on-line database system for keeping track of loco, unit, coach and steam loco numbers, along with the ability to record sightings and haulage details. The systems on-line reports allow you to see what you have seen or not seen and a report showing all numbers with seen number underlined; just like the old ABC books. All reports can be downloaded in csv or txt, which allows you to manipulate the report in Excel, Word or equivalent programs. Print off a list of what numbers you need and carry it around with you.

Formerly called, PC Tops this original PC based database system was first produced for use with floppy disks in 1988, it progressed through various stages of Windows using hard disks, to this latest internet based system. Over the past 20 years, the original system has been purchased by over 2,500 users, maintaining its position as the market leader. Free data conversion of all sightings data is avaliable for existing users who have the PC TOPS desktop application

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50 Plus Years Ago

June 1963: The first Bulleid Pacifics were withdrawn along with a further two Coronation Class Pacifics. Kings Cross shed was closed, then Crewe Gresty Lane, Hellifield and Carlisle Canal sheds were closed on June 17th, 50 years ago today! Carlisle Canal was my local shed, living within 10 minutes walk.

I have fond poignant memories of seeing 'Scotts', Glens' and other varied North British locos there, along with the infamous four Canal A3s that were so elusive on the East Coast main line. In later years, A4s were also to become a common sight; one Sunday there were three on shed.

I have created a photo gallery of Carlisle Canal Shed through the years for users to peruse. Also new on the site, is a 'Timeline' section which contains railway information for particular years and months e.g.; June 1963 can be found here.

Latest Members Sightings

Date SeenNumberLocation
10/20/3005 67006Warrrington
03/02/2018 43047Nottingham
03/02/2018 43054Nottingham
29/12/2017 07007Inverness
29/12/2017 08308Inverness
29/12/2017 08331Inverness
29/12/2017 08375Inverness
29/12/2017 08405Inverness
29/12/2017 08410Inverness
29/12/2017 08411Inverness
29/12/2017 08417Inverness
29/12/2017 08428Inverness
29/12/2017 08441Inverness
29/12/2017 08451Inverness
29/12/2017 08454Inverness

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