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British Railways Class 03 British Railways 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter

Class 03

BR designed and built diesel-mechanical 0-6-0 shunters, from a design of the Drewry Car Company, for use in small yards, private sidings, dock lines, etc. and fitted with 204hp engine. All locos were of a similar design but two different exhaust systems were used.

The first withdrawals were made in May 1968, with the last two locos, which worked on the Isle of Wight, being withdrawn in 1993. However, loco 03179 was reinstated into traffic, and repainted in their livery, by the West Anglia Great Northern Railway Company on 15 September 1998. It was named Clive at London Kings Cross station on 25 September 1998. The loco is based at Hornsey depot in London, shunting Electrical Multiple Units.

The Class 03 are still used in some MoD (Ministry of Defence) depots and one example is in full working order at the National Railway Museum where it is used to move large exhibits around.

BUILT: 1958-62 by British Railways at Swindon and Doncaster locomotive works.

Total Number Built 230

ENGINE: Gardner 8L3 204hp (152kW)

NUMBER SERIES: Between 03001 to 03399.

PREVIOUS NUMBERS: D2000 to D2199, D2370 to D2399.


MAX SPEED: 28 mph.


WEIGHT: 31 tonnes.

WHEEL ARRANGEMENT: 0-6-0 - 3'7" Diameter.


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