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BR Class Riddles British Railways Standard War Department 8 2-10-0

Built 194?-??. Designed by Robert A. Riddles and North British Locomotive Company.

Total Purchased by BR 25.

Introduced 194?. Designed at ???.

Number Series 90750-90774.

Built at the North British Locomotive Company Works, Glasgow.

No Lot Nos. yet available.

Originally 150 were built by the North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow.

In 1948, the newly nationalised British Railways agreed to take over from the Ministry of Supply the 25 Austerity 2-10-0 freight engines still remaining in the UK which had been designed by Riddles during the Second World War 1939-45, built by the North British Locomotive Company, when he held the position (and the impressive title) of Deputy Director of Royal Engineering Equipment.

The locomotives were designed for use abroad, on light and improvised tracks. As such, the axle loading was a mere 13.5 tons, the centre driving wheels had no flange, the next pairs had reduced flanges and the leading and trailing coupled axles had a side play of 0.5 " whilst he inner axles had a sideplay of 0.25". The firebox was designed for easy conversion to oil firing. Both vacuum and air brakes were fitted for the train brakes whilst the locomotive used a steam brake.

Developed from the WD 2-8-0s, which were based upon the LMS 8F, the 2-10-0 locomotives were designed for quick and simple construction using fabricated components instead of heavy expensive castings and cast iron in place of steel for items such as wheel centres. The extra pair of driving wheels gave a lighter axle loading and thus wider route availability.

During British Railways ownership, all of the class were based at Scottish sheds.

The first loco withdrawn was 90753 on 31 July 1961 from Carstairs shed.
The last two locos withdrawn were 90755 and 90765 on 31 January 1964 from Grangemouth shed.

None of the original 25 are preserved. However, one locomotive was exported to Greece and has been purchased for preservation and allocated the next number that British Railways would have given, if they had bought it - 90775.

Its history is:

With 3672 this locomotive, originally 3652, was delivered to Egypt in 1944 and later sold to Greece. With the other two, it was brought back to the UK in August 1984, arriving at lpswich on board the Greek vessel ?Empress?.

Following mechanical overhaul on the Mid-Hants Railway, with boiler work done by Plenty & Son in Newbury, it went into service on the MHR in 1986 and covered 18,681 miles there. Although it was never a British Railways engine, it was initially painted in BR black and given the number 90775.

Later it was painted in WD blue as 601 carrying the name ?Sturdee?. It was in this livery that the Essex Locomotive Society purchased it and brought it to the NYMR in May 1992. However, numerous unforeseen major mechanical problems arose and much remedial work was required. Before it returned to traffic in October 1994 it was again painted in BR black as 90775. Following several more problems during the winter a spare outer firebox was obtained and this has been married with a spare inner firebox already acquired.

It was taken out of service at the end of the 1996 season for a major overhaul. When it returns to traffic it is intended to name it ?North British? in honour of its builder.

Motive Power Details
Weight Loco: 133 tons, 16 cwt
Coal Capacity: 9 tons
Water Capacity: 5 ,000 gallons
Driving Wheels: 4' 8?"
Boiler Pressure: 225 lb/sq in
Firebox area: 178 ft?
Superheater Area: 423 ft?
Grate Area: 40 ft?
Cylinders (2): 19" x 28"
Valve Gear: Walschaerts
TE: 34,215 lbs
Overall Length: 67' 6?"
Number Series

Class Total: 25


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