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LNER Class Thompson London & North Eastern Railway Q1/2 0-8-0 Tank

Rebuilt 1943-45. Designed by Edward Thompson.

Total Number Built 9 - Total to BR 9.

Q1/2 Introduced 1943. Thompson rebuild of Robinson Great Eastern Railway (GCR) Class 8A 0-8-0 tender engines, LNER Class Q4, of 1902, with 2,000 gallon tanks and 4? tons coal capacity.

It was the intention to rebuild 25 Class Q4 locos, but this was cut short and only thirteen engines were rebuilt.

Number Series 69929-69937.

Sub Classes:

Q1/1 69925-69928 Total 4.
Q1/2 69929-69937 Total 9.

Built at the London & North Eastern Railway Doncaster Works.

No Lot Nos. yet available.

LNER 0-8-0 No. 5058 was the first of the LNER Q4 class to be rebuilt in 1942 as a tank locomotive. The design was introduced to meet an urgent requirement for heavy shunting locomotives which had arisen due to World War II. Three further engines were rebuilt in 1942-43, the four locomotives designated as Class Q1/1.

In 1942/3 the design was modified to provide for more water capacity. Nine locomotives designated Class Q1/2 were rebuilt during 1943-5 with extended frames and the larger 2,000 gallon tanks.

The first loco withdrawn was ??? on ??? from ??? shed.
The last loco withdrawn was 69936 on 15 October 1959 from Scunthorpe Frodingham shed.

None are preserved.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 73 tons 13 cwt
Driving Wheel: 4' 8"
Cylinders: Two 19" x 26" (outside)
Boil Press: 180lb/sq in NS
Valve Gear: Stephenson (slide valves)
Number Series

Class Total: 9


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