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LNER Class Parker Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway N4/4 0-6-2 Tank

Built 1892. Designed by Parker.

Total Number Built ?? - Total to BR 6.

N4/4 (b) Introduced 1892. Parker Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR) design. Development of Parker N4/2 with larger bunker.

N4/1 was N4/2 with larger chimney.

N4/3 was N4/2 with larger chimney.

Class developed further by Parker in 1891 as Class N5/2.

A total of fifty-five Class N4 engines were built with round-topped boilers but were subsequently converted to Belpaire.

Number Series 69242-69247.

Sub Classes:

N4/2 69225-69237, 69238-69241 Total 16.
N4/4 69242-69247 Total 6.

Built at the ??? Works.

No Lot Nos. yet available.

The last engines were withdrawn at the end of 1954.

The first loco withdrawn was ??? on ??? from ??? shed.
The last loco withdrawn was ??? on ??? from ??? shed.

None are preserved.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 61 tons 19 cwt
Driving Wheel: 5' 1"
Cylinders: Two 18" x 26" (inside)
Boil Press: 160lb/sq in NS
Valve Gear: Joy (slide valves)
TE: 18,780 lb
Number Series

Class Total: 14


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