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LNER Class Simplex London & North Eastern Railway Y11 0-4-0 Petrol Engine

Built 1930. Designed by Motor, Rail and Tram Car Co.

Total Number Built 3 - Total to BR 3.

Introduced 1921. Petrol engined locos, built by the Motor, Rail and Tram Car Co., Bedford.

Number Series 68188-68189 and Departmental L4.

Later renumbered 15098, 15099 and 15097 respectively.

Built at the Motor, Rail and Tram Car Co. Simplex Works, Bedford.

These three strange engines were chain driven with a two speed gearbox and looked like garden sheds on wheels.

Taken into stock of the North British Railway and then the London & North Eastern Railway, they remainded unclassified until 1943.

No. 68189 was renumbered from LNER 8189 in January 1949 and then to No. 15099 during the third week of May the same year. It had a varied career, being built in March 1921, builder's No. 2037, and purchased by the North British Railway Co. in 1922. It was first used at Kelso, but in July 1930 it was replaced by Class Y1 Sentinal No. 9529 (later BR No. 68138) and transferred south, being employed at Ware goods yard until withdrawn. It was fitted with a taller cab after it was damaged by fire, which altered its appearance from its sister engines.

No. 68188 was renumbered 15098 during the first week of may 1949. It was purchased by the London & North Eastern Railway in 1925 and was initially used for shunting coal wagons at Stratford shed. Later, it moved out to Brentwood, where at one time it had the unofficial name "Peggy" painted on it, and remained there until withdrawn.

The third Simplex was in Departmental stock at Nationalisation in 1948 numbered L4, being based at Greenland Creosote Depot, West Hartlepool. It became BR No. 15097 im May 1949.

The first loco withdrawn was L4 (15098) in June 1950 from Darlington Works.
The second loco withdrawn was 68188 (15098) on 4 September 1956 from Stratford shed.
The last loco withdrawn was 68189 (15099) on 21 November 1956 from Stratford shed.

None are preserved.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 8 tons 0 cwt
Horse Power : 40
Number Series

Class Total: 3


Allocation and Withdrawal Details

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