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LNER Class Worsdell Great Eastern Railway Y6 0-4-0 Tank Tram Engine

Built 1893-97. Designed by Worsdell.

Total Number Built 6 - Total to BR 2.

Introduced 1883. Worsdell Great Eastern Railway (GER) tram locomotives.

Number Series 68082-68083.

Built at the Sentinal Works.

No Lot Nos. yet available.

The Class Y6 locos were very light 0-4-0 steam engines, but with all the moving parts covered to enable them to work on public roads on the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway and the Great Eastern's Docks and Harbours.

At Nationalosation in 1948 the two survivors, built in 1897, were allocated to Kings Lynn Town shed.

They were later supplemented by the more powerful but similar looking Class J70 0-6-0 locos which was the inspiration for the Rev W Awdry's TOBY THE TRAM ENGINE.

The first loco withdrawn was 68082 on ??? 1951 from ??? shed.
The last loco withdrawn was 68083 on ??? 1952 from ??? shed.

None are preserved.

Motive Power Details
Weight: Loco 21 tons 5 cwt
Driving Wheel: 3' 1"
Boil Press: 140lb/sq in NS
Cylinders: Two 11" x 15" (inside)
Valve Gear: Stephenson (slide valves)
TE: 5,835 lb
Number Series

Class Total: 6


Allocation and Withdrawal Details

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