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Sir Vincent Litchfield Raven

Vincent Litchfield Raven was born in 1859, and started service with the NER as a pupil of Fletcher. He became an Assistant Mechanical Engineer in 1893, and Chief Mechanical Engineer in 1910.

Raven's designs continued NER traditions but he was also innovative. He oversaw the Shildon to Newport electrification, planned further electrification, and developed a widely used cab signalling system.

In 1915, became Superintendent of the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, and two years later was conferred the honour of a KBE. When the LNER was formed in 1923, Raven was appointed to the position of Technical Adviser.

Raven resigned this position in 1924, and died in 1934.

Edward Thompson, later to be CME of the LNER, was Sir Vincent Raven's son-in-law.

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