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Message 4986 - Date: Sunday 12th February 2017 07:37

Name: Peter Wright, City: Saltburn, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Just signed up but cannot access PC tops on line. Keep getting looped. What am I doing wrong.


Reply: Hi Peter,

It looks like you have a cookie problem. You need to set your computer to allow cookies from RailUK. This page may help:



Message 4967 - Date: Monday 12th December 2016 19:36

Name: GregMartin, City: West Molesey, Country: United Kingdom

URL: www.railalbum.co.uk


Message: When looking at the page covering locomotive 45545 I noticed reference to "Crewe Works (LNER ....", which I suggest should have been "LNWR".

Similarly in the Class Information section it says 'rebuilt from LNER "Claughton"', which again should be "LNWR".



Reply: Hi Greg,

Thanks for pointing that out. I have updated the database accordingly.


Message 4966 - Date: Saturday 10th December 2016 09:33

Name: Roger Petherbridge, City: Winchester, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Hi
I was looking at the names for Class 90, 90004 which shows Eastern Daily press etc. I have a photo of 90002 bearing this name at Ipswich on 14/10/13. It is not shown on your lists as having this name. Is it possible that it was not allocated to 90004 but 90002.
Hope this helps
Love the site


Reply: Hi Roger,

It seems that 90004 was named 'Eastern Daily Press: 1870-2010 Serving Norfolk for 140 years', on 22/10/10. The name was removed in April 2013 and transferred to 90002 which was named in May 2013

I have updated the database accordingly.



Message 4965 - Date: Thursday 8th December 2016 12:40

Name: Gary Hill, City: Perton, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Hi, My brother has recently purchased the name plate and engine no. off Underley Hall, 6928 at auction, and I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a photo of that particular engine as a Christmas present!
Have you any idea where I might look?
Regards Gary Hill


Reply: hi Gary,

The only decent photo I can find is this one on Flickr.


You can contact the photographer via Flickr and I'm sure he would let you print off a copy for personal use.


Message 4964 - Date: Monday 5th December 2016 08:39

Name: Simon Jones, City: TAUNTON, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Info on http://www.railuk.info/steam/getsteam.php?number=%205542&level=b [GWR 5542] is patently incorrect - states scrapped at Swindon 09/02/1962 but this was one of the Woodham's locos (arrived March 1962) that was saved (Sept 1975) for preservation and does stirling work on the WSR.


Reply: Hi Simon,

I obtained the data for 5542 from a RailUK member who had access to the actual GWR loco cards. He provided me with build and withdrawal dates along with total mileage, etc. He must have made a mistake in this case as it is, as you state, preserved. I have updated the database accordingly.


Message 4963 - Date: Friday 2nd December 2016 03:46

Name: Mike Britton, City: Norwich, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Ref GWR '4300' Class loco number 5374.
Notice in your listings that this loco was withdrawn in 1948.
I also have a book with the title 'British Railways Locomotives 1948' by Chris Banks which also gives 1948 as withdrawn date.
However-in 'Ian Allan abc' of 1944, GWR 5374 is not listed-so may have been withdrawn at an earlier date!
The only reason I mention this,is the fact that I have an undated photograph of an accident,involving this loco derailed down an embankment.


Reply: Hi Mike,

The loco was definitely withdrawn in 1948. It was renumbered from 5374 to 8374 in July 1944 which is the reason it is not in the 1944 Ian Allan ABC. It then reverted back to 5374, the number it was withdrawn as.


Message 4962 - Date: Tuesday 29th November 2016 06:25

Name: Brian Elliott, City: Liverpool, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Can you please tell me if g w r 5139t had outside steam pipes. I am building one in great western pre 1948.


Reply: Hi Brian,

The class had inside steam pipes. Here is a link to a photo of 5139.



Message 4960 - Date: Tuesday 22nd November 2016 03:11

Name: David Jobling, City: Brough, Country: United Kingdom


Message: I believe there are errors in your Steam Shed numbers in the Hull area.
These are the correct details:-

50B Hull Dairycoats
50C Hull Botanic Gardens
50D Goole

Kind regards
David Jobling


Reply: Hi David,

For consistency, all steam Shed Codes used on the site are those registered at Nationalisation on 1st January 1948. Otherwise it would have been impossible to find complete loco allocations using different shed codes.

This is pointed out at the top of all steam related web pages.


Message 4959 - Date: Sunday 20th November 2016 08:06

Name: Lindsay Eversden, City: Desborough, Country: United Kingdom


Message: I have a 4 photographs taken by my late father back in the 60's of Deltics.
D9002, D9004, one unknown and D5900.

I was wondering if I could send you copies of these for inclusion in your database.



Reply: Hi Lindsay,

Yes please! Always glad to recieve copies of photos for the site.

Can you email them to me at info@railuk.info


Message 4957 - Date: Saturday 19th November 2016 03:15

Name: David Creasey, City: Tadley, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Just noticed you are short of info. on 35011 General Steam Navigation.

It's currently at Hope Farm Sellindge see http://www.35011gsn.co.uk/ for full details.


Reply: Hi David,

Thanks for pointing that out. I have updated the database accordingly.


Message 4954 - Date: Monday 7th November 2016 19:18

Name: Tim Harbot, City: Penzance, Country: United Kingdom


Message: A previously unseen pre-ww2 pic shows a Raven (BR B16-like) No.2364…unequivocally a 4-6-0.

Your most esteemed database describes this 2364 as a D20 4-4-0. The brief late '40s renumberinng

would place this as D20 (6)2364…yet this pic is CLEARLY a 4-6-0, pre-war LNER No.2364!

Your comments, sir.


Reply: Hi Tim,

You are getting confused between the 1946 and pre-1946 numbering schemes.

Ref the B16 you referred to as lner 2364, this was the pre-1946 number. Its 1946 number was lner 1435 and thus BR 61435. See:


The D20 lner 2364 carried, was the 1946 number. As it was withdrawn in 1947 it never received a BR number (which would have been 62364). See:


Hope this clarifies the situation.


Message 4953 - Date: Thursday 3rd November 2016 12:50

Name: Terry McCarthy, City: Peterborough, Country: United Kingdom


Message: I am presently writing an article on Viaducts on the Taff Vale Extension of the Newport, Abergavenny & Hereford Railway fro the Great Western Society's Journal GW Echo. I have already accumulated a number of appropriate images, but on seeing your website relating, mainly to Crumlin Viaduct, I note there are some images which could add to what I select from.
My question is - can I purchase high resolution copies of those I might like to consider, from you?
Many thanks in anticipation,
Yours sincerely,
Terry McCarthy


Reply: Hi Terry,

It depends on which photos you require. Most of the early photos on the site were taken from the old internet 'user groups' which are now defunct and these are the only resolution I have.

If you advise which photos you want I will check them out.


Message 4951 - Date: Tuesday 1st November 2016 15:13

Name: Michael Cox, City: Leeds, Country: United Kingdom


Message: 48774, stored in a siding close to 2B Oxley along with 42783,44716,6683,60843 and 60923


Reply: Hi Michael,

Thanks for pointing that out. I have updated the database accordingly.


Message 4950 - Date: Sunday 30th October 2016 15:27

Name: Neil Harper, City: Bexhill-on-Sea, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Hello,
Please can you tell me why some 0-6-0 tank locomotives are called Terrier and others are called Jinty ?
Regards Neil


Reply: Hi Neil,

Terriers were nicknames thus:

The class has received several nicknames, initially being known as Rooters by their south London crews. However, the engines were more famously known as Terriers on account of the distinctive 'bark' of the exhaust beat. Later in their careers, some engines were known as "Hayling Billy" on account of their work on the Hayling Island branch line

The origin of the nickname Jinty is not clear:

It was a nickname generally applied to small shunting locos by LMS drivers and came to be associated with the 3Fs as the largest class of such locos. I'm not sure of the derivation but have a vague memory it
refers to some form of small horse-drawn vehicle.

Google suggests that the name was originally applied to the Johnson Class J 0-4-0ST locos built primarily for work in brewery sidings in Burton-on-Trent. That strikes me as being a very plausible theory, not
least because "Jinty" begins with "J" but also because it's likely that the name originated among brewery, rather than railway, staff. If so, it's possible that the brewery staff called all the small locos "Jinties",
irrespective of actual design, and hence applied it to 3Fs when they were used there.

On the internet there has been fierce discussion that railwaymen never used the term 'Jinty' - only 'Jocko' - and that Jinty was purely an enthusiast's term.


Message 4948 - Date: Saturday 22nd October 2016 10:26

Name: Roger McDermaid , City: Edinburgh, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Looking at the site on Large Directors D 11 just a quick browse I see a couple of inaccuracies

The Locomotive Luckie Muckelbackit was running in 1958 and was stored at Thornton late 1958 . The loco Lady Of The Lake was running at Haymarket 1958 / 60 and not stored at Longniddry . There will be others possibly wrong but these ones I do know on a quick browse .


Reply: Hi Roger,

I got the information from various Scottish Railfans newsletters. The locos were initially stored then brought back into service before being stored again then withdrawn.


Message 4944 - Date: Thursday 20th October 2016 01:42

Name: Jon Dean, City: London, Country: United Kingdom

URL: www.mirror.co.uk


Message: My name's Jon - a journalist for Mirror.co.uk. I am desperately trying to track down the heroic train worker filmed here:


Are you able to help me out in terms of what train is seen? Or where it might have been taken?

I am on 0207 293 3961

Thanks a lot



Reply: It is a British Rail Class 319. However, I suggest you read the comments others have made on the web page below the video. Most think it's a fake..


Message 4943 - Date: Tuesday 18th October 2016 03:36

Name: PHIL SANDIFORD, City: Manchester, Country: United Kingdom


Dear Sir/Madam,
Could you please clarify tenders fitted to 76046 - 76052, as your information is stating both BR1B and BR2A tenders for these locos.

Phil Sandiford.

BR Class Riddles British Railways Standard Class 4 2-6-0
Built 1952-5/. Designed by Robert A. Riddles.

Total Number Built 115.

Introduced December 1952. Designed at Doncaster. Classification 4MT.

(a) 76046-76069 Fitted with BRIB Tender

(b) 76045-76052, 76070-76114 Fitted with BR2A Tender


Reply: Hi Phil,

Thanks for advisibg this, now corrected in database. Tenders are:

(a) 76053-76069 Fitted with BRIB Tender

(b) 76045-76052, 76070-76114 Fitted with BR2A Tender

Remainder 76000-76044 Fitted with BR2 Tender


Message 4942 - Date: Sunday 16th October 2016 09:16

Name: Bryn Gibbons, City: nr London, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Just stumbled across your website,i am just an enthusiast,but it took me
back to my trainspotting days back in the 1950's. I recently took some photographs of 35010 "Blue Star",i would gladly pass them on to you if you tell me how.


Reply: Hi Bryn,

Yes please! Always glad to recieve copies of photos for the site.

Can you email them to me at info@railuk.info


Message 4941 - Date: Saturday 15th October 2016 04:13

Name: John A. Thickitt, City: Sheffield, Country: United Kingdom


Message: Re image of no. 45073, Sheffield (Midland) station on 22 April 1966: The image counter on the first "page" shows one comment. This observation is not shown on the second page. I sent a comment for this image, involving similar observations to those submitted which are shown. The 45073 comment, my first to your site, was send at the end of September.


Reply: Should be sorted out now


Message 4940 - Date: Wednesday 12th October 2016 11:32

Name: Mr J C Wade, City: Lockerbie, Country: United Kingdom


Message: I'm trying to trace the fate of the 2 Holyhead Breakwater shunters D2954 / 5 which became O1-001 / 2, these do not show up only 2953 / 6 Do you have any info please or ideas of where else to look?
John Wade


Reply: Hi John,

They are in the main loco database. I notice that you have stated 'they became O1-001 / 2'. You have quoted the letter o instead of a zero i.e. 01001/2. Possibly you entered an o in your search? You can find them here:



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