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Wellingborough Shed 1963

Wellingborough Shed 1963

The trainspotting scene in Brickyard Road, Wellingborough in 1963. Wellingborough No.2 shed is in the background along with the loco yard.

Three trainspotters are visable along with variety of bicycles and a scooter. The older boy on the bicycle is wearing a school blazer, long trousers and what looks like white baseball shoes, fashionable at the time. The other two wear long trousers and a jacket and pullover. Again, this is the period in time that boys moved away from wearing short trousers.

This picture also appears in this album : Trainspotting in the 1950s and 1960s and What We Used to Wear

Map Co-ordinates Latitude 52.30857 : Longitude -0.676711

Date Photo Taken c1963
Uploaded 16/05/2013
Image Owner/Copyright Les Pitcher Phantasrail
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Marti said on the 26/05/2013: Comment
Great photographs of years gone by. I was never a train-spotter, but looking through these photos makes me wish I was! However, I've noticed that most of these boys were wearing long trousers, including many younger ones. The above photo is an example: Although the lad on the bike may be 12 or 13, the other two look no older than nine or ten - and this was back in 1963. I wore short trousers until I left primary school in 1968, as did most other boys. However, a few managed to sneak into long trousers a year or two earlier! Anyway, thanks for all the photos and comments. I'd say it brings back memories for many a train-spotter of 50 or 60 years ago.

pete hobbs said on the 02/01/2016: Comment
the pictures bring back memories as I used to to work there

Alan Short said on the 07/04/2016: Comment
I am the trainspotter on the bicycle with school blazer. A few of us used to gather at this location almost every day.

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