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BR/GWR Collett 4-6-0 Class 6000 King No. 6024 at Woodham Brothers Scrapyard 1966

BR/GWR Collett 4-6-0 Class 6000 King No. 6024 at Woodham Brothers Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image

BR/GWR C. B. Collett Class Class 6000 King No. 6024 'King Edward I' at at Woodham Brothers scrapyard, Barry, Wales on 18th August 1966. Built at Swindon Works in June 1930. It was withdrawn from 86C Cardiff Canton shed in June 1962, and sent to Swindon for breaking up. However, in light of the instalation of a new bridge west of Bristol towards South Wales, it was coupled to its twin, 6023 King Edward II, and towed to the bridge for weight testing purposes Resultantly, with them now being closer to South Wales than Swindon, both locomotives survived and ended up being sold to Woodham Brothers scrapyard in Barry, South Wales, where they languished in the company of 300 other locomotives.

Inspired by preserved class-mate No. 6000 King George V's 1971 breach of British Rail's steam ban, in 1973 the King Preservation Society wanted to restore a locomotive to mainline condition. Both Nos. 6023 and 6024 were available for purchase, but No. 6024 was preferred, because after a derailment in the Barry yard No. 6023 had had its rear driving wheels torched through, and at the time was considered beyond repair.

No 6024 was bought for £4,000 in 1974, but, like many of the other remaining locomotives, was missing significant components, including: its double-chimney (currently fitted to No. 6000); piston, connecting and eccentric rods; and its slide-bars had been cut through.

The 36th locomotive to be rescued from Barry, No. 6024 was moved to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road. After 16 years, including the creation of the Club100 funding initiative, on 2 February 1989, No. 6024 moved again under its own power. Re-commissioned on 26 April 1989 by HRH the Duke of Gloucester, in October 1989 the engine was moved by low-loader from Quainton Road to the Birmingham Railway Museum, from where it completed its mainline test runs. On 15 April 1990, it resumed its mainline career hauling revenue-earning passenger trains.

The Great Western Railway 6000 Class or King was a class of 4-6-0 steam locomotive designed for express passenger work. With the exception of one Pacific (The Great Bear), they were the largest locomotives the GWR built. They were named after kings of the United Kingdom and of England, beginning with the reigning monarch, King George V, and going back through history. Following the death of King George V, the highest-numbered engine was renamed after his successor; and following the abdication of the latter, the next-highest engine was also renamed after the new King. The class was designed under the direction of C. B. Collett, as an enlarged version of Collett's Castle Class, which in turn was an enlargement of George Jackson Churchward's Star Class.

Three Kings are preserved; 6000 'King George V' at the National Railway Museum, York on static display. Only original height King; 6023 'King Edward II' at the Great Western Society, Didcot Railway Centre and is operational; 6024 'King Edward I' owned by Jeremy Hosking is at the West Somerset Railway. Its main line certificate expired March 2012, with overhaul scheduled to take place at the West Somerset Railway. The latter two were both rescued from Woodham Brothers scrapyard, Barry, Wales.

A schoolboy trainspotter in his school uniform of peaked school cap, shirt, tie, short trousers and knee socks, stands on the engine beside the steampipe and below the double chimney. By 1966, school caps and shorts were no longer worn by the vast majority of boys, only public and grammar schools hanging on to them.

Date Photo Taken 18/08/1966
Date Uploaded 12/07/2014
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Steam Loco Information for BR/GWR Collett 4-6-0 Class 6000 King No. 6024 at Woodham Brothers Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image

Steam Loco Class Information for BR/GWR Collett 4-6-0 Class 6000 King No. 6024 at Woodham Brothers Scrapyard 1966 - Low Resolution Image


Geoff Seabrook said on the 20/07/2015:
How great to have further history on movements including the method of moving,it all helps to complete the overall picture.

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