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Diesel Traction: Manual For Enginemen
by: British Railways
publisher: British Railways, published: 1962
sales rank: 727153
price: £5.50 (used)
A manual for enginemen to help them become more proficient in performance of their diesel duties.
Ministry of Defence Locomotives (Handbook Series)
by: Industrial Railway Society
publisher: Industrial Railway Society, published: 1992-05
ASIN: 0901096717
sales rank: 1974924
price: £16.95 (used)
Contents: 1. Steam Locomotives - 1951 Series; 1968 Series; 2. Diesel Locomotives - 1951 Series; 3. Diesel Locomotives - 1968 Series; 4. Railcars and Trailers; 5. Narrow Gauge Locomotives; 6. Rail Target Trollies; 7. Air Ministry Works Dept Locomotives; 8. Locomotive Index; Locomotive Dimensions; 9. Illustrations. About this book: This book documents the known history of most of the locomotives operated by the War Department, Air Ministry, and Ministry of Defence from 1952 to date. The terms of reference are somewhat arbitrary and so should be explained. Army railways and locomotives in Britain were in 1942 put under the control of No. 1 Railway Detachment (Home), Royal Engineers. From 1945, the name was changed to 1 Railway Group, Royal Engineers, and in 1963 it became 1 Transportation Group, Royal Corps of Transport. In 1952 the War Department had disposed of many of the large fleet of locomotives that it had operated during and after World War 2 and so the remaining locomotives were renumbered into a new series. This is the starting point for our records of War Department locomotives. Several volumes have been published giving comprehensive details of the earlier fleets and are listed in the bibliography. From April 1st 1964, the War Department became the Army Department of the Ministry of Defence, which also included the Navy Department (previously Admiralty) and Air Force Department (previously Air Ministry). Increasingly from this time, the Army Department supplied locomotives to cover shortages in stock at various Navy and Air Force locations, normally using their own locomotives. By 1989, the locomotives and railways at remaining Air Force locations had been fully integrated into the Army Railway Organisation. From 1968, the Army Department commenced a systematic renumbering of their locomotives. and so the stock from this date has been listed again in the new series (still current in 1992). This is a comprehensive work for any fan of MoD locomotives
Designing and Building Model Locos
by: Model Railway Constructor
publisher: Model Railway Constructor, published: 1936
ASIN: B0016K86Q8
price: £5.00 (used)
Calendar Diary Miniature Locomotives of Great Britain 7 1/4", 10 1/4" and 15" gauge from original paintings Loco '80
by: Railway Times Publication
publisher: Pfeifferbahn Publications, published: 1979
The Locomotive Railway Carriage And Wagon Review Vol Xxx11
by: The Locomotive Railway Carriage And Wagon Review
publisher: Loco. Publishing Co, published: 1926
price: £77.55 (used)
British Railways : Today and Tomorrow
by: British Railways
publisher: The Railway Executive, published: 1949
price: £7.95 (used)
The Coronation Scot. (London, Midland & Scottish Railways) New 4-6-2 loco.....inaugurated...Euston and Glasgow July 5 (1937)
by: Railway gazette
published: 1937
sales rank: 3031437
The Meccano Magazine. December 1999-January 2000 No. 339.
by: Hornby Railway Collectors Association
Specialist journal.
British Railways Steam Locomotive Shed Allocations 1950-1968. Southern Region.
by: Midland Railway Society.
published: 1970
ASIN: B00FA36E70
sales rank: 7165916
Large format spiral bound softcover. Unpaginated.

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